Pinehome Champions

Wheaten Terrier Champions

We're proud of every Wheaten terrier we breed and of all their activities and successes.

When a dog is shown in the conformation ring, it is competing against other wheaten terriers to determine which wheaten best meets the breed standards.  Standards are characteristics that best define a wheaten including size, coat colour and quality, head shape, body shape, eye colour, teeth, nose and tail.  A Champion (Ch.) dog has proven that it meets the breed standard and worthy to enter a breeding program.

Pinehome's priority with each breeding is to improve the breed.  Sires are carefully chosen to best complement the qualities of the dam. 

Pinehome also looks for quality show homes for our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppies.

We are constantly looking for 'show homes' for the puppies that best exemplify the breed standard from each litter. Please contact me if you are interested in showing a wheaten or fostering a show wheaten terrier puppy.

More information on individual dogs can be obtained through Links on the right.  Check out Guinness link for an example of a 'Foster Home' and Spicy link for an example of  a 'Show Home'.



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